Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SEO Addict to HYIP Addict

After my biggest problem in my internet marketing career, of being scammed by my past SEO client I get out of the box and make some new things that will help me to pay my debt in paypal as you I mention in my previous post "I am a victim of scammers at paypal", I have joined several High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) which I believe this will help me to pay my debt. I am still working as an SEO specialist and promoting sites to my loyal clients.

Here is my top list of my HYIP programs that I am involved with.


And I believe this is the way I can pay Paypal in fact I am paying the Paypal now. Although it is not being supported by Paypal as to be their payment processor. I used another online payment processor.

SolidTrust Pay

You can add me on skype:gegejosper and lets talk and I will try to help you.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How I make seo campaign for 1yr old site

Today I was challenge on my potential employer who I meet in odesk. I am applying for him as an SEnuke X expert but as we go our interview. He want me to be his SEO consultant and want me to work with him for a long time.

I was challenge because this is my first time that I am now an SEO consultant as I considered my self as an SEO specialist. He ask me what are the things to do just to make his site go in the atleast top 3 of his very competitive keywords that he choose.

As  I know my self that I am a lazy SEO specialist I know what are the good things to do just to rank the site in a safest way and avoid google to be sandbox! That is why I looked for a client which is want me to work with the tools that I have know.

I know lots of SEO tools like SEnuke X, Magic Submitter, ScrapeBox, SerpAssist, Rank Builder, Article Marketing Robot, Sick Submitter, and more!

This time. I applied for a SEnuke X expert and I am his SEO consultant!

The question is can I handle this responsibility?  So this is now a challenge for me to prove that what I know is better than the other!

Here is what I am going to do in the campaign for his sites.(The site is 1yr old but not been optimize)

First is I tell him that ping his site for pinger site and do meta submission just to get indexed his site in  major search engines. If he can use IMlinkblaster it is much better for many submissions.

Second is look for a person who can make backlinks to your site with the url has atleast PR3+ for 100 - 200 backlinks. Much more much better!

Third is make a 3 versions of link wheel with unique articles pointing to the site as well as the other blogs. This each version of link wheel comes from different IPs,

Fourth is do again pinging all of the backlinks created and then do make a campaign using the SEnuke X. Use the all modules template and spread it in 10 days.

Fifth is do social bookmark blast using Magic Submitter for the link wheels created and then ping all the bookmark created.

Sixth is to created a campaign using SEnuke X in every pages of the site with different keywords and use the Full Monty Template and then spread it for 30 days each campaign created. It is better that the Senuke X must be installed in VPS so that it will work 24hrs/day and use Good Proxies and make the same campaign to the other pages. Each campaign you can use 3 pages. The articles to use must from original version and make spun version for the campaign.

Seventh is to do article submission and use also the original articles for high success rate and get rid from Google panda update!

This campaign is a combination of manula link building(Link wheels) and the automated(Link Pyramids).

Until here. If you have question and other concerns about my campaign you can reach me via email.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Working with SEO tools

Do have succeed in doing SEO works in your site?

 What is your strategies in doing SEO?

Well those are questions that your prospect client may ask to you.

In my part I can prove it. I have my own strategies doing SEO, I know that I have more things to know about this technology.

Doing SEO in every site and every page of the sites make me addicted! I cannot wait for the result of what I have doing in promoting it.

In my own strategies. I use SEO tools which they said it will make harm on your site if you will abuse its functionality. Well, this is exactly correct!.

I will share you how do I combined each SEO tools to make it more powerful since each of them has a different capabilities.

Here it is:

  1. If the site is new then I will use IMlinkBlaster to submit it into 3k+ Meta Indexing Site and also Ping using the same software in very simple steps.
  2.  Look for article scraper to scrape articles that you will use in promoting your site. If you are good in writing, then is just write for it. Like me that I am not good in writing I preferred to use article scraper and then I will use spinner chief to spin at to make it more unique since Google is now have the capabilities to remove duplicate content in the way the indexed sites they called it as Google Panda Update.
  3. The spin articles now is I will use it to do a campaign using SEnuke X where I believe is the most powerful link building tool that I have known.
  4. After Doing the campaign using SEnuke X around 3 kinds of Templates that SEnuke has. It is up to you to spread it on how many days.
  5. After doing this. I also do bookmarking using Magic Submitter pointing to the main site as well as pointing to the urls that the SEnuke X output URL in social networking site it is usually Blogs that has also links pointing to your. To make more powerful that your backlinks has also backlinks on them. It has also a chance the your SN sites pointing to your site will also gain high PR.
  6. After doing this your can also repeat it using Sick Submitter which has also the best link building tool that I have ever known. Since you can make unlimited backlinks to your sites as well as unlimited backlinks to your backlinks.
  7. Doing all of the backlinks is also useless if they will not crawled by search engines. So to solve this. There are site that also offers this service but I am now preferred to use the IMlinkBlaster. Just do the same step in #1 into all of your backlinks created.
Until Here. I hope now the you will be also seo addict like me.

I lost my trust in Paypal

Did you encounter problem in your paypal account?

If you have then you are in my part now!

Someone is sending me money and let me send it to the other paypal account. Do this like mine? I am very sad now. I lost my trust in paypal.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am a victim of scammers at paypal

For 2 years of doing online jobs as an Freelance Search Engine Opimization Specialist (SEO), This is the 1st time that I have been being scammed with my Employer.

It is normal to us as a Freelance Workers that there are some employer that will abused and use some disadvantages in this field and I understand this and take the risk while serving them. But in this case now this is not usual for me and I already post my experience in social network site specially in Facebook to aware my co - freelancers about what happen to me.

This is what happen. I have an Employer who own the website of the http://callofdutyblog.us and I am the one who optimize this site in onpage and offpage. I started to work with around 2weeks. As what we agreed to my employer that I will promote his site for $500 a month with 40hours/weekly and the payment method is weekly and he will pay me $125/week. In the first week we communicated well and the day where it is my payday. He is no gone and did not make any response to my messages.

With this problem I ended my contract to him at odesk and give very bad feedback so that the other workers will know that he is not good. 2 weeks after he is gone. He is now back and make message to at skype. I asked him when he will pay for my 1week work since we also agreed that I will continue working on his site after I recieve the weekly payment. I do this as part of my security that I will not wasting more time to him and then he will not pay my work at all. And he said he will pay the day we make a conversation. He send me 90 pounds. He asked me to send the 30 pounds to his other workers paypal account and he said that if I will not do this then he will file a dispute to paypal. So I follow his instruction. I send the 30 pounds to this paypal account codmwblog@gmail.com.

After I send the 30 pounds. I asked him that he is still owed me almost $30 since the 60pounds is equavalent around $94 and he said again that I will make a request to this email uk.manchester@hotmail.com about $500 and then he will pay me the remaining balance that he owed to me. So I did it. After I send the request, a minute ago I recieve the $500 and I confirmed him then he said that I will send again $450 to his workers paypal and the $50 is mine. And I did it then I confirmed him after I sent the $450. An hour ago I recieve now a notification coming from paypal that my employer is filing a dispute that state of unauthorized payment. So the paypal is not making deduction to my account. Infact only $130 left in account because I send the other money to his workers. I have now and negative amount in my account in paypal. It is around Php 21,000.

I am very scared after read my balance in my paypal. I do not know what to do. So I look for help, I post my problem in facebook and someone is making a response to my problem and give me an advice on what to do. I follow her instruction and I am now waiting for the response. This is my 1st experience in this online job. I do not realize that today scammers are now using Freelance works to Scam other people. I hope this will be a guide to everyone that will help you avoid this kind of situation.

Below are the screenshots of our converstation:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to build - SEO Freelance Career

How to build - SEO Freelance Career

To develop a new freelance occupation throughout search engine optimisation stock portfolio is often a ought to. Clientele will certainly hang around in deciding on search engine optimization agencies. It isn't really most tough to secure a very good search engine optimisation vendor, to acquire search engine optimisation operate your current probable have to be the top. There exists about three critical things to get covered even though glazing a new freelance occupation in search engine optimisation. There's a chance you're obtaining countless several years involving expertise implementing Search engine optimization Firm nevertheless if you prefer to find a freelance occupation of your family there needs to be a thing on the stock portfolio. 1st critical place even though constructing a freelance occupation should be to make a stock portfolio, only acquire 2-3 site along with accomplish your current amount far better to improve your current internet sites.

Goal at the least few months to the seo of your respective site so your site is capable of doing the superior situation in every single search engines like yahoo. Yahoo and google are going to be modernizing google page rank divorce lawyers atlanta ninety days, try and obtain at the least google page rank a few for ones internet sites. If you undertake these for you to improve your current internet sites immediately after few months you may be obtaining wonderful stock portfolio involving site which is to be developing a substantial google page rank along with optimized pertaining to remarkably cut-throat search phrases to ensure a new problem involving stock portfolio must not certainly be a trouble getting search engine optimisation performs.

How will you build?

Competition can be up coming matter that will comes up; only assess your charges from which the competitors offer price tag for each and every site. In first point never seek out earnings, try and offer price tag at the least thirty percentages below the cost of the competitors - with regards to 50 percent in the clientele supply relevance pertaining to charges even though generating his or her determination involving deciding on his or her search engine optimisation vendor. Even though inspecting the competitors in case you may recognize the quantity of marketing they have to the charges, only present additional marketing pertaining to url making.

Last but not least search engine optimisation can be obtaining the two bright cap strategy and also dark-colored cap strategy try and accomplish merely bright cap strategies to accomplish search engine optimisation to the buyer site. Dark-colored cap strategy will certainly improve your website nevertheless it may possibly consequence becoming a major bad and yes it will certainly influence your job. Clientele could possibly be n't aware about information with regards to search engine optimisation, often create you recognize your that will search engine optimisation is often a long lasting course of action and yes it simply is determined by your search phrases. If your search phrase can be remarkably cut-throat even though accomplishing the final results site may require regular preservation.

Often create you recognize number of percent warranties certainly not occur in search engine optimisation, inform you that you just develop regular time frame as well as once a week time frame so you have to have your settlement as outlined by that will.

I am SEO Addict

I am SEO Addict

First, I want to state that I first started doing SEO back in early 2010 and frankly, it is one of my source of income after I had graduated my BS degree in Computer Science. Getting free, organic traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are like gold! Lots of traffic…lots of quality traffic (if you get the high rankings!).
Because of it, I have focused a lot of my time over the studying the SEO techniques and I was able to stop practice coding website from scratch and I just use free CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress. On-Page SEO is important as well as Off-Page SEO (i.e. getting others to link back to your website). Without this kind of Optimization your website is virtually useless.
(If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about…SEO, I will help you although this is my 1st post in my site. Just keep updated to my site.)
My point is that SEO is important to me, yet it has been a struggle, too. To do SEO right, there are plenty of tasks to do such as writing articles(I am not good in writing), submitting links to websites, and link management. Sometimes I am lazy doing SEO(onpage/offpage) because you cannot see the result immediately. It is a continuous job!.
I do manual as well as automated link building for about a year with great results (but with great effort and expense, too). The expenses that I am talking about is the captcha decoder,proxies, site list, software subscriptions(although there are cracked softwares available).
Our goal as an SEO specialist: Get the most quality, unique links pointing back to our website as we can without ruining the integrity of our efforts (i.e., doing something deceptive that will cause your website to be Google Sandboxed or even banned for the search engines). Analyze the site status from search engine friendly to search engine rankings. Another task is to spy competitors sites.
Most of my clients gives me task promoting their money sites(i.e sites that has articles about a certain thing that will will help you on what information you and offer some interesting products or services that may interest you). If I have an account on google adsense then I will to it for my self but I have no luck..
I know almost different kinds of SEO techniques specially in Black Hat and White Hat but I use them both as the result of Grey Hat SEO.
I know major SEO tools like Market Samurai, SEnuke X, ScrapeBox, Magic Submitter, Sick Submitter, Rank Builder, etc.
That is why I am SEO Addict. I know I have still more things to know and to prove for my self.