Monday, February 27, 2012

How I make seo campaign for 1yr old site

Today I was challenge on my potential employer who I meet in odesk. I am applying for him as an SEnuke X expert but as we go our interview. He want me to be his SEO consultant and want me to work with him for a long time.

I was challenge because this is my first time that I am now an SEO consultant as I considered my self as an SEO specialist. He ask me what are the things to do just to make his site go in the atleast top 3 of his very competitive keywords that he choose.

As  I know my self that I am a lazy SEO specialist I know what are the good things to do just to rank the site in a safest way and avoid google to be sandbox! That is why I looked for a client which is want me to work with the tools that I have know.

I know lots of SEO tools like SEnuke X, Magic Submitter, ScrapeBox, SerpAssist, Rank Builder, Article Marketing Robot, Sick Submitter, and more!

This time. I applied for a SEnuke X expert and I am his SEO consultant!

The question is can I handle this responsibility?  So this is now a challenge for me to prove that what I know is better than the other!

Here is what I am going to do in the campaign for his sites.(The site is 1yr old but not been optimize)

First is I tell him that ping his site for pinger site and do meta submission just to get indexed his site in  major search engines. If he can use IMlinkblaster it is much better for many submissions.

Second is look for a person who can make backlinks to your site with the url has atleast PR3+ for 100 - 200 backlinks. Much more much better!

Third is make a 3 versions of link wheel with unique articles pointing to the site as well as the other blogs. This each version of link wheel comes from different IPs,

Fourth is do again pinging all of the backlinks created and then do make a campaign using the SEnuke X. Use the all modules template and spread it in 10 days.

Fifth is do social bookmark blast using Magic Submitter for the link wheels created and then ping all the bookmark created.

Sixth is to created a campaign using SEnuke X in every pages of the site with different keywords and use the Full Monty Template and then spread it for 30 days each campaign created. It is better that the Senuke X must be installed in VPS so that it will work 24hrs/day and use Good Proxies and make the same campaign to the other pages. Each campaign you can use 3 pages. The articles to use must from original version and make spun version for the campaign.

Seventh is to do article submission and use also the original articles for high success rate and get rid from Google panda update!

This campaign is a combination of manula link building(Link wheels) and the automated(Link Pyramids).

Until here. If you have question and other concerns about my campaign you can reach me via email.

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