Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am a victim of scammers at paypal

For 2 years of doing online jobs as an Freelance Search Engine Opimization Specialist (SEO), This is the 1st time that I have been being scammed with my Employer.

It is normal to us as a Freelance Workers that there are some employer that will abused and use some disadvantages in this field and I understand this and take the risk while serving them. But in this case now this is not usual for me and I already post my experience in social network site specially in Facebook to aware my co - freelancers about what happen to me.

This is what happen. I have an Employer who own the website of the and I am the one who optimize this site in onpage and offpage. I started to work with around 2weeks. As what we agreed to my employer that I will promote his site for $500 a month with 40hours/weekly and the payment method is weekly and he will pay me $125/week. In the first week we communicated well and the day where it is my payday. He is no gone and did not make any response to my messages.

With this problem I ended my contract to him at odesk and give very bad feedback so that the other workers will know that he is not good. 2 weeks after he is gone. He is now back and make message to at skype. I asked him when he will pay for my 1week work since we also agreed that I will continue working on his site after I recieve the weekly payment. I do this as part of my security that I will not wasting more time to him and then he will not pay my work at all. And he said he will pay the day we make a conversation. He send me 90 pounds. He asked me to send the 30 pounds to his other workers paypal account and he said that if I will not do this then he will file a dispute to paypal. So I follow his instruction. I send the 30 pounds to this paypal account

After I send the 30 pounds. I asked him that he is still owed me almost $30 since the 60pounds is equavalent around $94 and he said again that I will make a request to this email about $500 and then he will pay me the remaining balance that he owed to me. So I did it. After I send the request, a minute ago I recieve the $500 and I confirmed him then he said that I will send again $450 to his workers paypal and the $50 is mine. And I did it then I confirmed him after I sent the $450. An hour ago I recieve now a notification coming from paypal that my employer is filing a dispute that state of unauthorized payment. So the paypal is not making deduction to my account. Infact only $130 left in account because I send the other money to his workers. I have now and negative amount in my account in paypal. It is around Php 21,000.

I am very scared after read my balance in my paypal. I do not know what to do. So I look for help, I post my problem in facebook and someone is making a response to my problem and give me an advice on what to do. I follow her instruction and I am now waiting for the response. This is my 1st experience in this online job. I do not realize that today scammers are now using Freelance works to Scam other people. I hope this will be a guide to everyone that will help you avoid this kind of situation.

Below are the screenshots of our converstation:

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