Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Working with SEO tools

Do have succeed in doing SEO works in your site?

 What is your strategies in doing SEO?

Well those are questions that your prospect client may ask to you.

In my part I can prove it. I have my own strategies doing SEO, I know that I have more things to know about this technology.

Doing SEO in every site and every page of the sites make me addicted! I cannot wait for the result of what I have doing in promoting it.

In my own strategies. I use SEO tools which they said it will make harm on your site if you will abuse its functionality. Well, this is exactly correct!.

I will share you how do I combined each SEO tools to make it more powerful since each of them has a different capabilities.

Here it is:

  1. If the site is new then I will use IMlinkBlaster to submit it into 3k+ Meta Indexing Site and also Ping using the same software in very simple steps.
  2.  Look for article scraper to scrape articles that you will use in promoting your site. If you are good in writing, then is just write for it. Like me that I am not good in writing I preferred to use article scraper and then I will use spinner chief to spin at to make it more unique since Google is now have the capabilities to remove duplicate content in the way the indexed sites they called it as Google Panda Update.
  3. The spin articles now is I will use it to do a campaign using SEnuke X where I believe is the most powerful link building tool that I have known.
  4. After Doing the campaign using SEnuke X around 3 kinds of Templates that SEnuke has. It is up to you to spread it on how many days.
  5. After doing this. I also do bookmarking using Magic Submitter pointing to the main site as well as pointing to the urls that the SEnuke X output URL in social networking site it is usually Blogs that has also links pointing to your. To make more powerful that your backlinks has also backlinks on them. It has also a chance the your SN sites pointing to your site will also gain high PR.
  6. After doing this your can also repeat it using Sick Submitter which has also the best link building tool that I have ever known. Since you can make unlimited backlinks to your sites as well as unlimited backlinks to your backlinks.
  7. Doing all of the backlinks is also useless if they will not crawled by search engines. So to solve this. There are site that also offers this service but I am now preferred to use the IMlinkBlaster. Just do the same step in #1 into all of your backlinks created.
Until Here. I hope now the you will be also seo addict like me.

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